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Minton Farm News

We hope you have had a happy Christmas Season with your family and friends. We have had a very productive time completing the circular bird of prey flight. There were several tawny frogmouths of varying stages of development, as well as many kookaburras. The most delightful was a peregrine chick from Saddleworth. It was rescued from being hit by semis on the Burra Highway!

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CFS News

It’s hard to believe another year has passed by. It was certainly an eventful time for the brigade. In the past few months we’ve been fortunate to have a number of new members join us, both as firefighters and radio operators. Our station has also undergone a facelift in the last few months.

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Cherry Church

On Tuesday 18 December 2018, The Cherry Gardens Uniting Church provided the annual Carols evening at the Memorial Hall. Cherry Church is grateful for the generous support provided by the community. The following is a bit more of our history leading up to our 170th Anniversary in March 2019.

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