News from the Rec Ground

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the Cherry Chatter Community.

2018 has been an exciting and successful year for the Rec Ground and the 4 sporting clubs. With a number of clubs winning premierships this year and the participation growing in the netball and football clubs.

On 15th of December the Cricket Club, along with Cherry Chatter, had a Christmas Show following two T20 games that were played against the Aldgate Cricket Club. There were not quite as many kids around as usual for the Christmas Show but they all enjoyed Santa arriving on the Ironbank CFS truck and having the face painter do her work on them.

official opening of the new Playground and play area

The clubs also used this gathering as an opportunity to have an official opening of the new Playground and play area. It was really good to see all the kids (and older young men) using the new area at the back of the clubrooms to play, and the little kids enjoying the new playground equipment.

The playground was officially opened by the Matt Smith, Bernie Sharrad and Andy Adams who each played a very important part in the planning, funding and project management for this playground extension.

Thanks also to those local businesses that helped make this a success, including Scott and Dawn from Moons Concreting and Brett from Freeflow Plumbing.