Cherry Gardens Air Operations Support

Hi Cherry Chatter Community and Happy New Year

On Dec 9th the Air Support group held the annual training day for all members. This is where we officially open the season and refresh our skills and get our accreditation ready for the fire season ahead.

As it happens we have already had a couple of calls out and one support role for the Milang fire a couple of weeks ago.

This year the training was held just for our brigade and we had the one aircraft there and each member of the brigade was required to demonstrate their capability to fill the aircraft and understand the safety needs when working around these aircraft.

Everyone passed and we are now all ready for the season although, as with all volunteers, we are hoping that we are not required.

There were a few spectators and everyone who turned out saw some spectacular drop runs by the aircraft as it demonstrated the different techniques it can employ when tackling a fire front.

If you hear aircraft buzzing around the district then it is very likely we are open for business and supporting this important part of the CFS firefighting group.