Minton Farm News

Happy New Year!

We hope you have had a happy Christmas Season with your family and friends. We have had a very productive time completing the circular bird of prey flight. It couldn’t happen quickly enough late last year, as there were many rescues that would have benefited from exercising in it.

There were several tawny frogmouths of varying stages of development, as well as many kookaburras arriving from adulthood, down to pink skinned nestlings!


The most delightful was a peregrine chick from Saddleworth. It was rescued from being hit by semis on the Burra Highway! After a couple of weeks in care, we had him flying and tearing up his own food. He was returned to Saddleworth and was seen to fly off strongly and the uniting calls from him and his family were wonderful.

Returning the tawny frogmouth chicks to their families is such a bitter sweet moment after feeding them every few hours for weeks, you want the best for them and to be safe. Obviously we can’t guarantee longevity in the real world but we can give them the best chance to survive possible by keeping them wild and getting their flight fitness to the highest condition. This is the purpose of the new circular flight. To enable the birds to have constant flight with several wing beats in the circular flight rather than up and back in an aviary.

We are happy to assist you at any time with rescues you may find.

All the best for 2019,

Bev and Glenn.