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Can you help?

I am seeking contact with any Boothey descendants who may today hold personal items or information from the early Boothey settlers or their children or grandchildren. In particular I am interested in letters, diaries, enduring anecdotes or recollections, and photographs.

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Church News

Over the last few months stone mason, David Harbel, has been replacing decayed and rising damp damaged mortar on the Southern and Western walls of the chapel. We have been awarded a Heritage Grant from the City of Onkaparinga which will help us considerably, to repair the Northern wall, and repair and re-erect the bell tower and bell.

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Minton Farm

The busy (silly) season has begun abruptly with the arrival of 4 kangaroo joeys and several possum joeys in the same week. If you find animals or birds on the side of the road in a dazed state or with obvious injuries, the most important thing to do is to warm them up gently and slowly in a darkened quiet room by placing them in a box with a hot water bottle under one end of the box.

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Rec Ground

The new playground plan between the club and courts is close to being finalised, we are aiming to have it completed for the summer. Did you know that the land that is now the Cherry Gardens Ironbank Recreation Ground was donated to the community by the Chapman Family in the 50’s and is STILL owned by YOU today!!

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Football Club

Exciting times at the football club as we near the end of the season. Very good chance that all our teams, with the exception of our U12 lads, will play finals and with only 2 games left of the minor round (as of August 7th) it looks very promising that the B’s will finish on top of the ladder and the A’s at least in second place and both these are great results for our club and the players.

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Meadows Vet News

All dog owners please make sure your dogs’ vaccinations are up to date. We recently have had two confirmed cases of Parvo Virus and this is very contagious. Please note that the virus can be carried on shoes in dirt so even if your dog never leaves your property it is still advisable to have them vaccinated for protection.

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