Church News


Over the last few months stone mason, David Harbel, has been replacing decayed and rising damp damaged mortar on the Southern and Western walls of the chapel.

We have been awarded a Heritage Grant from the City of Onkaparinga which will help us considerably, to repair the Northern wall, and repair and re-erect the bell tower and bell.  

Even with that generous grant, we are only able to do small amounts of other works at a time as the money comes in from our regular members. This is part of an ongoing program to maintain the church for ourselves and the community.  Once the exterior work has been completed, we will work on funding to repair/replace the damaged plaster and minor cracking inside the church, and then repaint the inside.  

In spring we will be re-erecting the bell tower and re-installing the bell on new supports.  

The old timber supports have cracked and worn, so need replacing. The bell was cast at the C & H Wyatt foundry in the Adelaide CBD in 1851, so is a significant part of our community and South Australia's history. The tower and bell were taken down a few years ago to allow the church to build the meeting room where the Cherry Gardens Garden Club meets each month.

We look forward to the bell tower going up, and being able to ring the bell for Sunday worship once again. Perhaps Margaret Jacobs will teach a few of us how to toll the bell?


Cherry Church Contacts

• Pastor: Margaret Seyfang Ph. 0404 008 372
• Chairperson Congregational Council: Darryl Dyson, 0412 075 063

87 Hicks Hill Rd, Cherry Gardens

Services held on Sundays at 9.30am