Friends of Scott Creek Conservation Park


Despite this year producing lower than average rainfall in the district, it seems that when it does fall, as often as not, it coincides with our bird banding weekends. However, we did get out a couple of times during winter, albeit with a very chilly start to the days in the lower parts of the Park. On the other hand, the weather has been quite favourable for our bush gardening days, and our working bees have gone ahead unhindered.

Spring is a great time to get out and enjoy some of the many treasures that the Park contains. September is National Biodiversity Month and Friday 7th September is National Threatened Species Day.

Scott Creek Conservation Park has a number of nationally endangered plants and animals inhabiting it, including several populations of the Southern Brown Bandicoot and the Chestnut-rumped Heathwren.

It is vital for the survival of these species that work undertaken by the Friends group, protecting and restoring their habitat, continues into the future.

Many who read about the Park assume that there are plenty of people already helping out, but our numbers are actually quite low. We have a pool of about a dozen volunteers who come out to one or more of our working bees each month.

many hands make light work

If you have a morning to spare and think you could help out at one of our scheduled activities listed in the programme below, please come along and join us. As the saying goes, many hands make light work and, as a reward, you will get to see parts of the Park that you probably would not otherwise see, including some of the wildlife and many beautiful wildflowers and orchids.

Southern Brown Bandicoot (photo Tom Hands).

The tiny but spectacular flowers of the Shrub Violet.

The tiny but spectacular flowers of the Shrub Violet.


Anyone wanting information about the group or park, or wanting to get involved in any of the Friends’ activities, can contact us on or visit our very informative website You can also now follow us on our Facebook page.

All working bees meet at the 9.00am at the Almanda Car Park on Dorset Vale Road (unless there is a MLR fire ban or very wet weather). To attend bird banding, contact the coordinator Don Reid on 83882123.

Programme of activities


Sat, Sun 1, 2 Bird banding
Tue 4 Working bee
Sun 9 Working bee
Sat, Sun 15, 16 Bird banding
Sat 22 Working bee