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Thank you to all those who attended the Community Dinner held at the Hall on 30th June. We had a capacity crowd, (packed to the rafters!) and judging from the feedback, everyone had a great time. Get out your diaries, because we have another get together opportunity. We will again be having the Community Campfire, this year on Saturday 25th August from 5pm to 8pm.

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CFS News

We hope everyone’s winter is going well and it is good to report we still have been relatively quiet at the time of writing this article. The warning siren (pictured) is sounded at the Cherry Gardens station at 0800 every Friday to ensure it remains serviceable. If there is a local Cherry Gardens fire emergency, the siren will be sounded at that time to warn the area, otherwise there will be just the short test at 0800 on Friday.

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Minton Farm

I recently attended the biannual Australian Wildlife Rehabilitation Conference in Sydney. I took seven volunteers from Minton Farm, the majority of who were young ladies who had finished their honours at University last year and have come to Minton Farm to gain practical wildlife knowledge and experience. They all were highly engaged and motivated by the experience.

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