Litter Warrior

Dear editorial team,

My neighbour and I (Della Rowley and Fiona Bennett from 316 Ackland Hill Rd) have just cleaned up the litter lying at the side of Ackland Hill Road, from 316 down to Wildheath Rd. It took about 5 hours of work for 2 of us, thereby saving council hours quite considerably. What we picked up (8 sacks full) was probably left there for 10 years ...... coffee cups, wheel hubs, car parts, bottles etc. It makes the world of difference to see the road without litter strewn all over it.

Here is a picture of our 2nd Litter Warrior efforts.

Here is a picture of our 2nd Litter Warrior efforts.

There is also a lot of work still to be done on Ackland Hill Rd, to remove olives and other weeds on council land. It would be great to work on that and we’d gladly include other people who may be interested in improving the sight of Ackland Hill Rd.

We went all the way down Ackland Hill Rd to Main Rd, Coromandel Valley. I was helped by a volunteer, Ann-Maree O’Connor, who read my post on Facebook. We collected 3 sacks full, consisting of a supermarket trolley, a letterbox, 3 wheel hubs, carpet and a lot of take away packaging.

We will continue up Ackland Hill Rd towards Ironbank, and Cherry Gardens if we get more volunteers.

Please contact me (Della) on 0438 874 856 or email if you’d like to join us.

Della Rowley

From Cherry Chatter

Congratulations Della, Fiona and Ann-Maree, for taking this into your own hands, to make our roads more attractive. Della hopes that others will be encouraged to volunteer, and it would be much appreciated, and might encourage others to clean up their own street front. Della says that with extra help they could continue cleaning up on Cherry Gardens Road.