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June again has been a very busy month. We have seen a huge number of horse colics as well as hoof abscesses in both horses & cows. Horse owners please ensure your horses teeth are checked regularly. One of the most common causes of colic we see through winter is caused by dehydration. This is often a result of reluctance to drink very cold water caused by dental problems!

Cats & Dogs info

The new range of dog coats has finally arrived! If you are looking for a reasonably priced dog coat please drop in! Please remember the new dog & cat laws are now in effect - all pets must be microchipped & all pets born after the 1st July must be desexed unless an exemption applies - ask us for more information.

If you are considering buying a horse or pony please get a pre-purchase vet check done!

This investment can save you headaches, heartaches, money and provide you an opportunity to find the right horse to meet your needs and expectations. The expense of the pre-purchase exam will be small in comparison to the long term costs of keeping and caring for a horse especially if you end up with one with health problems!

Also if you are selling a horse we highly recommend you encourage your purchaser to get a pre purchase done to protect themselves! Why you may ask??? There are far too many stories now how someone has sold a perfectly good & sound horse but months later the horse may develop a condition or acquire a lameness - the seller is then accused of selling an unsound horse & often bullied into taking the horse back. If a pre purchase is conducted it safeguards the seller as well as the purchaser! If you would like more information on pre-purchase exams please contact us.

Desex your pet.png

Just a note with regards to the costs involved in desexing a pet.

Most vet practices greatly reduce the price of desexing to encourage pet owners to do the right thing and desex their pet. However there comes a point where the costs have to be weighed up with ensuring the best possible outcome for the pet. At our practice we only use the best anesthetic available—yes it is more expensive but the chances of complications under anesthetic are greatly reduced. All animals are placed on monitoring devices being watched by a surgical nurse while the vet performs the procedure—this is the safest way to perform any surgery. All instruments and packs are sterilized before each animal, pain relief is also included.
Unfortunately many owners make a decision for their pets based on costs but are not able to really compare what they are actually receiving.

As well as preventing unwanted litters desexing can help to prolong your pet's life! There are a number of very serious medical conditions that can be prevented by desexing. The most common are Pyometra and mammary tumors in bitches and Prostate cancer and enlargement in males. Pyometra in bitches is not only life threatening but the surgical costs could be at least three times the usual desexing fees!


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