Rec Ground


Spring has Sprung, and our Winter sports are almost over.

On the 8th of September, the Ironbank Cherry Gardens Netball Club hosted the Hills Netball Association Grand Final Day. Although it was quite fresh and windy, hundreds of people still turned out. It was a pleasure to see so many people using the Rec Ground and facilities. This was the second year in a row we’ve had the opportunity to host the Grand Finals and thanks to an army of volunteers the day was a huge success. I would also like to comment on how well the grounds were cleaned up after the event too, Congratulations to all concerned!

Whilst discussing cleaning up, I would like to reach out to dog owners who use the oval for exercising their dogs. Two unfortunate netball mums, helping prepare for Grand Final Day had the not so nice task of picking up some large dog poos adjacent the clubrooms near the entrance to the oval. I’m sure people do not simply let their dogs do their business on their own doorsteps, so please CLEAN UP and have some respect for the facilities that we all own! Unfortunately, the majority are always affected by the minority and I apologise to those who do the right thing.

A huge congratulations to the football club too, I’m sure by the time you read this we may be celebrating two more premierships, GO THUNDER!!

Update on works around the Rec Ground

In regard to works around the Rec Ground, we have received a small grant to repair the bore. This is critical to the survival of the lawn on the oval, last year it was kept alive by our trusty CFS Volunteers. You may also notice that the driveway has been graded and potholes filled in. Now netball is over, we plan to kick off the playground works and aim to have it completed by Christmas.

As mentioned previously, we would like to incorporate a special paved path from the club rooms to the courts. Each paver is for sale at $40 each. You can add your individual or family name and become part of the history of our Rec ground. Contact Chris McGowan 0417 128 796.

Home cooked meals on Thursday nights

Home cooked meals will continue to be served on Thursday nights during Cricket and Summer Netball Seasons, take a night off, drop in for a meal and say G’day!

Fundraising ideas?

As always, if you have any fundraising ideas or any Rec Ground business, please let me know. Alternatively, feel free to drop into a monthly meeting, held at 7.30pm in the Club Rooms on the third Wednesday of each month, all welcome!!

All the best, Bernie Sharrad