Church News


The Pastor of the Cherry Gardens Uniting Church, Margaret Seyfang, has advised the congregation of her intention to resign from the position from 30 September. All pastor roles come to an end at some point, with Margaret filling that role for several years. Margaret and husband Lyle have been loyal supporters of Cherry Church and the community, attending and helping at a number of community events. Margaret has also provided her musical talents to the church and community whilst Lyle has been busy on the property committee and using his talents with sound and media systems.

The congregation is grateful for all that Margaret and Lyle have done for the church and community and wish them well in their future activities.

There will be a congregational meeting after church on Sunday 7 October so that the congregation can consider what they would like to do in filling Margaret's role.

At the annual meeting of the congregation on 26 August, Phyllis Williamson retired from the treasurer's role after 14 years, which included the busy several years during construction of the new meeting room at the church.

The congregation was able to thank Phyllis, Margaret and Lyle at the service on Sunday 9 September.

Ruth Work is the new treasurer and will be a member of the church leadership team too. Margaret and Lyle's last Sunday with the congregation will be Sunday 23 September as the congregation will be joining the Eden Hills folk on Sunday 30 September.


Cherry Church Contacts

• Chairperson Congregational Council: Darryl Dyson, 0412 075 063


87 Hicks Hill Rd, Cherry Gardens

Services held on Sundays at 9.30am