Minton Farm

Hello all

I would like to let you know that Minton Farm’s circular bird of prey flight is now completed. It is the first of its kind in SA and available for you all to access to rehabilitate injured kookaburra, tawny frogmouth, owls, falcon, hawks and eagles.

The freedom flight allows the bird to have continuous flight with no end in sight. Most flights allow them to fly back and forth only which doesn’t build up muscles and fitness levels ready for release. They need supreme fitness levels in order to catch prey and compete for territory.

Thank you to Fund My Neighbourhood, Suzanne Elliott Trust, and City of Onkaparinga for grants received. Thanks also to Saekey Engineering for designing and building the structure and to the myriad of supporters and contributors to this worthwhile free community service designed to improve our local biodiversity.

Bev Langley

455 Cherry Gardens Road, Cherry Gardens, SA, 5157

Phone 82701169
Mob 0422 938 439