Letter to the editor

Dear Editor

Re: Australia Post

Is it just me or does Australia Post conspire not to deliver parcels in Cherry Gardens?

I will receive a text from Australia Post saying that they will be delivering a parcel tomorrow. I follow the prompts and allow them to leave the parcel in a safe place being my front veranda.

The next day I have in my letter box an Australian Post card asking me to pick up a parcel from Australia Post Blackwood. This is not what I paid for nor is it what is promised and implied by Australia Post?

Is anyone else having this issue?

Kind regards, Clinton Alcock

Further to my letter to the editor, I received an email from Australia Post that may be of interest to your readers. Available to read below.

Whilst Australia Post promotes and markets parcel delivery to your home, they deem Cherry Gardens as rural and they can’t be bothered to deliver parcels in our neighbourhood. Whilst this is dishonest marketing in my opinion, residents can write to the Verdun centre if they wish however a change is unlikely.

Clinton Alcock

Update for Investigation - 23840109

Hi Clinton,

Thank you for your time earlier, I hope my email finds you well.

Further to our conversation over the phone, it has been determined that your address receives mail via Roadside Delivery (RSD). RSD occurs in rural areas where the letter box for a property may be some distance from the home on the property. Parcel delivery is made to a roadside mail box. Where the parcel will not fit into the roadside mail box or where a signature is required, a card is left and the parcel returned to a nearby postal facility to await collection by the receiver. In this instance carding to these RSDs does not constitute a delivery error or issue.

On behalf of Australia Post I sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused by this matter. In an effort to reach a resolution, we have sought comment from the Verdun Delivery Centre who have confirmed the above arrangement is in place for your address. As this delivery arrangement runs contrary to your preferences for safe drop, this preference is not always able to be adhered to.

Having said this, as we discussed by phone, mail delivery arrangements can sometimes vary from place to place, depending on the size and needs of each community. We always try to accommodate community input where we can, so we’re open to potentially considering a change for the future. Any requests to change the delivery arrangement will need to be made in writing to your local Delivery Centre Manager so that adequate consideration can be made in the interests of the community. This should be addressed as follows:

Delivery Centre Manager
Verdun DC
6 Red Road,
Verdun, SA 5245

Additionally, as you’ve advised that you’re in consultation with others in the community who may also be interested in changing the delivery arrangements in the community. I would encourage you to have them contact the Delivery Centre Manager also. When there’s wide support to change the mail delivery arrangements in a community, we run what’s called a mail poll. It’s designed to let everyone in the community have a say about the change. There are potential impacts that come with a change, such as the loss of discounted rates for PO Box users.

If you have any further issues moving forward please contact us again on 13 13 18, or via our online portal.

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Jerem B

Team Manager, Consumer Online 2
Australia Post