300th Edition: what a milestone!

The Cherry Chatter First Edition - Click to open it

The Cherry Chatter First Edition - Click to open it

This April edition is the 300th Cherry Chatter that we have published! In May 1992, a small group of dedicated locals got together and published the first edition which was all of 2 pages! We had support from a few local businesses and 2 of those businesses have supported us for the 300 editions and nearly 27 years. Thanks to Jeff Burton Earthmoving with his backhoe that most of us would know and Neil Schubert, also an earthmover who used to live here but now lives at Kangarilla.

3 of us have been there from the beginning, Don and Bev Watton and Gill Sims. Over the years many have come and gone but throughout the life of Cherry Chatter, everyone who has been involved has contributed and enjoyed many fun evenings and community events.

What started as a small group of people who just wanted to put out a newsletter for the district has become a very well-known community organization that represents everyone in Cherry Gardens when there is something that needs to be done, runs community events such as ANZAC Day, and provides financial support where we can for the other volunteer organizations in Cherry Gardens such as the CFS, Hall, Church, Minton Farm, Sports clubs, Garden Club and any other group that asks.

Whether we are still around for edition #600 remains to be seen. But for that to happen we certainly need to recruit a few new members and we must continue to evolve and remain valid to our community. We know that in the future we may not be printing newsletters and what we have already done is create a new website with an online version of the newsletter. Check it out at https://www.cherrychatter.org.au/

For now though, enjoy edition #300, and if there are any volunteer organisations out there needing some support, then send us an email or a request and we will see what we can do.

Happy reading!

The Cherry Chatter crew