IBCG Netball Club

Another very successful winter netball season for us particularly with our junior teams. We started the year with 21 teams all vying for premierships and ended the minor round with 15 teams in the top four and playing in the final’s series. We contested 10 grand finals with 7 winning and taking out their respective premiership flags. (Congratulations to 11.3, 13.1,13.2,13.3,15.1,17.2 and B1) Special mention to our 13.1 and 13.3 teams who both finished the minor round in 4th place and came through some very tough games to win their respective premierships. Also, to our 17.2 teams who showed great club spirit during their grand final “showdown” and very close game with only 2 goals between them at the final siren.

Hills Netball Assoc (HNA) awards:

The formula for working out the HNA Club achievement award allows smaller clubs to be just as likely to take out the award as bigger ones so it was wonderful for our club to be presented with this at the end of the GF presentations on 7th Sept.

The Hills Netball Association Best and Fairest medal winners were announced on grand final day as well.

We are very proud to congratulate Best and Fairest winners:

  • Maddie Richter-B1, Shakaya Hembury - B2, Jaslyn Wells- 17.1, Kaia Walker-17.2, Charlotte Lewis - 15.1, Jess Hocking- 15.2, Charlize Hough - 13.2, Harper Wickham Elleway - 11.2,

  • And Runner up B&F - Beth Richter - B1, Layla Wigzell - 17.2, Eva McMartin - 11.3

  • Maddie Richter also received the most votes for any player in the association and received a perpetual award for this.

During 2019, several members of our junior teams represented the HNA at various carnivals throughout the state.

Congratulations to the following girls for being chosen:

  • UNDER 11's Ashlyn AMBLER and Holly AMBLER,

  • UNDER 13's Molly FIELD, Kari HUSTON, Harmony WIMALARATNE, Summer ROSS, Eliza WEGNER and Caitlin MCMARTIN,

  • UNDER 15's Tyla HANCOCK and Layla WIGZELL

Our Gold sponsor Aldinga After Hours GP contributes much needed funds to our club to enable us to keep improving our first class netball facilities. Thank you Dr James Moxham, Nicole and family. To Summit Glass (Gavin Chant) our silver sponsor, your support is also appreciated by the club.

Junior and Senior presentation days have been held and trophy winners were:


B&F Jaslyn Wells
RU Jurrakee West
Coaches Award CA Irulan Murphy

17.2 Green

B&F Layla Wigzell
RU Mikayla Mackereth
CA Gypsy Donk

17.2 Gold

B&F Kaia Walker
RU Jamie-Lee Dean
CA Amy Clarke


B&F Charlotte Lewis
RU Riley Houston
CA Juliette Brusic


B&F Jess Hocking
RU Clara Wegner
CA Amelia Clarke


B&F Caitlin McMartin
RU Molly Field
CA Alana Fitzpatrick

13.2 Gold

B&F Eleanor Haigh
RU Grace Smith
CA Keira Francis-Nia Nia

13.2 Green

B&F Charlize Hough
RU Jessica Laurie
CA Lucy Coleiro


B&F Alicia Carr
RU Holly Ambler
CA Frankie Talbot


B&F Harper Wickham-Elleway
RU Celeste Krinic
CA Caitlin Harris


B&F Eva McMartin
RU Eloise Goldsworthy
CA Daisy Murray


B&F Tegan Morgan
RU Jess Stratfold
CA Erin Hegarty


B&F Shari Giles & Kelsey Searle
RU Jes Cross
CA Skye Morgan


B&F Lauren Strachan
RU Meg Beaty
CA Ashley Platt

B1 Green

B&F Jess Meldrum
RU Jemma Deen
CA Julie Pringle

B1 Gold

B&F Maddie Richter
RU Beth Richter
CA Elisha Scriven

B2 Green

B&F Shelby Adams
RU Sarah Hegarty
CA Madeline Harrison

B2 Gold

B&F Shakaya Hembury & Liz Maciunas
RU Kylie Thane
CA Lani Walton

C1 Gold

B&F Chantelle O Brien
RU Jodee Rayment
Emma Reade

C1 Green

B&F Laura Hayden
RU Rhiannon Baldock
CA Eleahn Georg-dent


B&F Donna Gunn
RU Leah Eustice
CA Michelle Carr

Thank you to the committee who have supported the club throughout 2019.

Jenny Pearce President, Donna Gunn Vice President, Terri Steer Secretary, Naomi Chant Treasurer, Kim Milde, Naomi Chant, Kat Mackereth, Luke Mackereth, Nicole Moxham, Julie Pringle, Leonie Womersley, Di Morgan, Shari Giles, Erika Hancock, Melissa Sharrad, Ingrid Wigzell, Liz Prowse, Lisa Ambler, John Strachan

President: Jenny Pearce Ibcgpresident@gmail.com
Vice President: Donna Gunn Ibcg.vicepresident@gmail.com
Secretary: Terri Steer Ibcg.secretary@gmail.com
Treasurer: Naomi Chant Ibcg.treasurer@gmail.com

Keep up to date via our Facebook Page (Ironbank Cherry Gardens Netball Club) or website http://ironbank.sa.netball.com.au