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I imagine I am not alone in my frustration at driving through the hills and coming across piles of rubbish that someone has snuck out overnight and dumped on the roadside or, worse, tipped over the edge of an embankment so that it is that much more difficult for someone else to retrieve. Mostly, this is simply someone trying to get out of paying the dumping fee, or who can’t be bothered making the effort to go to the local waste and recycling centre. There are also those who are illegally cultivating Marijuana and want to dispose of their old pots, or building renovators who don’t want to go through the trouble of dealing with asbestos correctly. Ultimately, however, these are selfish and inconsiderate people who decide to make their problem everyone’s problem.


Rubbish dumped over the edge of Mount Bold Road

As a community, we need to be on the lookout for these offenders, and don’t be afraid to report them, though I wouldn’t recommend approaching them. Similarly, if you see rubbish dumped on the roadside, report it to the local council so that they can arrange to have it removed, as the longer the rubbish remains there, the more it is likely to attract more rubbish dumping. Many local councils provide a free hard waste collection service to residences, once or twice a year. Scott Creek CP sits in between the Adelaide Hills and Onkaparinga Councils, which both provide this free service. The EPA has also developed a litter reporting app and website to give power to people who see someone committing a littering offence. Go to (or via the free app) to report cases of littering from vehicles, but make sure you don’t use your mobile phone to take photos while you are driving.

Sunday 4th March 2018 is Clean Up Australia Day, when thousands of volunteers give up their time to gather together around the country and help clean up their local area.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if they couldn’t find any rubbish to pick up?

Peter Watton


Anyone wanting information about the group or park, or wanting to get involved in any of the Friends’ activities, can contact me on 0427010949 or go to Until the end of daylight saving, all working bees meet at the earlier time of 8:30am at Gate 16 Almanda Car Park Dorset Vale Road (unless there is a MLR fire ban or very wet weather).

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