Minton Farm


Last season’s Spring flush lasted for 4 months, with a huge volume of injured and orphaned possums, lorikeets, tawny frogmouths and owls finding their way to our wildlife rehabilitation centre.
It has been a rewarding time, being able to see the babies grow and flourish, and then to release them successfully back with their parents. There is no more rewarding work!


We are on track toward building a new circular bird of prey flight with donated monies, and the Fund My Neighbourhood $25,000 grant, courtesy of the Government! We are visiting the original flight built in NSW, to grasp the concept firmly before construction. It is the dream of the original builder, Peggy, to have one of them constructed in every state of Australia to assist injured raptors in their recovery, to build up muscle tone and wing strength, to ultimately be successfully re-released.
We are humbled to have the support of many, to create this dream project.

Our dear Barn Owl, Ewok, raised by us from the egg, is a great ambassador for his species and an asset to the program for his educational role of helping the public understand his quirks, and the needs of such an iconic, intelligent species.

I look forward to sharing the journey with the Cherry Gardens community and to being able to assist you with injured bird rehabilitation in the coming years.

Bev. Langley 0422 938 439