Peace Day in 2019

A few short years ago we remembered the beginning of World War 1 with the 100 year anniversary of the Gallipoli landing. This year will be a celebration of the end of the war 100 years ago on November 11th 1918.

Recently we came across a newspaper clipping from the Chronicle newspaper published on Saturday 2nd August 1919 which reported on Peace Day celebrations across Australia and reported on Cherry Gardens and Clarendon Peace Day activities held on July 21st 1919.


Don’t forget

that ANZAC Day is not far off and please join us and the rest of the community for the ANZAC Day service at 8.30am followed by breakfast at the Hall. 

Cherry Gardens, July 21.

– On Monday afternoon the school children received their Peace Day medals. Councillor H. Jacobs presided, and Mrs Isaac Jacobs, the oldest lady in the district, distributed the medals. Addresses were delivered by the chairman, Mr C. Ricks, and Mr H Strange. The National Anthem and the Doxology were sung. In the evening a prohibition meeting was held in the Rechabite Hall. Mr Henry Strange presided and the Misses Jacobs played the overture. Mr O. A. Piggott, the field secretary delivered an address.”

Clarendon, July 21.

– Peace Day was celebrated by a football match between Blackwood and Clarendon, which resulted in a win for the visitors. The children were given peace medals, with tea, sweets and oranges.  A public tea was held in the pavilion, the proceeds of which will be given to the soldiers’ memorial.  In the evening a welcome social was tendered in the Odd Fellows Hall to Private Theo Johnson (Anzac) who had been home on sick leave and returned to France, Sapper Ron Nicolle, Privates Stan Nicolle, Oliver Smart, Britten Powell and Trooper Ralph Morphett.  Mr North presided over a crowded audience.  Councillor Potter, Messers March and Spencer spoke, and Private Stan Nicolle replied. The school children under Miss Gwen Nicolle, Mrs A Morphett, Misses Bishop and Weymouth, Dr Fletcher, Mrs V Spencer, and Mr North contributed to the programme.”