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With all the rain we have had there is no doubt this will result in great pasture growth and this will dramatically increase the risk to horses and ponies of getting Laminitis and Founder. This is a common condition which causes varying degrees of foot pain, from the slightly pottery pony to severe life-threatening lameness.

Owners often underestimate its potential to cause long term unsoundness. It is not uncommon for severe and uncontrolled cases to require euthanasia! It is important to realise that laminitis can progress from mild to severe even if early treatment is instigated. Early warning signs must be heeded and action taken immediately! Some of the most common clinical signs of laminitis include:

  • shifting weight from one foot to another,

  • standing with weight on rear legs leaning back

  • reluctance to walk

  • lameness and palpable heat in the feet

  • increased pulses in the digital arteries over the fetlock.

  • increased heart rate and respiratory rate

Remember prevention is much better than treatment so be vigilant and if you have a horse or pony prone to getting laminitis products such as Founder Guard can be very useful!

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