Recreation Ground


At the recent AGM there were some changes on the committee, so we thought it best to update everyone on the current situation at the Rec Ground.

The committee’s goal is to build a Recreation Ground which can become a beacon for the local community and something that residents can be proud of for years to come. To achieve this though, we truly need community engagement. We are currently faced with a chicken & egg scenario in that to increase our patronage, we understand the need to upgrade the facilities, however to keep the grounds open and fund any renovations, we need people attending and utilising the facility.

I would encourage you all to check out the brand new playground and sports area if you haven’t had a chance, come up to the clubroom on a Thursday for dinner, or check out the local sporting teams in action.

We have had several meetings with local politicians to discuss the apparent neglect of our centre from a funding viewpoint, while the likes of Blackwood. Mt Lofty, Flagstaff Hill & Hahndorf receive several millions. Unfortunately we are somewhat a victim of circumstance, being that we reside on the border of electorates and council areas meaning we are not high in the priorities.

We have an upcoming meeting with the newly appointed Mayor of City of Onkaparinga Council, Erin Thompson at which we will put forward our case for more support. We don’t want to lose the independence we have in being a wholly community owned facility but at the same time we need their help.

In order to better explain our cause to the council and when applying for government funding, we would love to get your feedback as a resident. Even if you don’t use the facilities, your responses will be valuable as to why. Please take the time to complete a quick 3 minute survey at

We are also currently sourcing grant money to fund a Solar Project which would help ease the financial burden on the Rec Ground. With the cost of electricity almost eliminated, we could put those funds to better use. Other projects high on our priority list are an upgrade of the kitchen and relaying of carpet in the clubroom. We hope that these improvements would allow us to hire out the room for more events.

Speaking of which, our CLUBROOMS ARE FOR HIRE. Please refer to the below ad for more details but a great way for us to generate revenue is hiring out the facility. We’ve had some great feedback from the events we’ve held so far so please keep us in mind.

Hope to see you up at the Rec Ground soon.