Max Ricks Recollections - Vehicles of our Farm

Transport on our farm at Cherry Gardens in the early days was with a 4 wheeled steel tyred wagon, drawn by two horses, which was used up to the 1930’s. By the mid 1930’s this was replaced by a 2 wheeled rubber tyred jinker pulled by 1 horse. This vehicle would hold 20 cases of fruit.

By 1950 we bought our 1st tractor, a TEA 20 Ferguson, to which we attached the converted jinker. In 1957 we bought a 35 hp petrol driven Ferguson Tractor, which we still have to-day in 2011. We also purchased a 2nd hand Ferguson 135, 3-cylinder diesel Tractor, which was replaced by a new Kubota 4400 diesel Tractor in 2007.

Our dad, Don Ricks, had a Rudge Motor Bike when he was a young man, around about 1920, followed by a Model T Ford Buckboard. Next, Dad and Uncle Ike bought a 1ton International Truck for the use of moving farm produce and also for private needs. This was followed by the late 1940’s by a 30 cwt (1½ ton) Bedford Truck. After about 10 years this truck was replaced by a 2.3 ton Bedford Truck. This was used until Dad sold the property to Heather and Max in 1965.

In retirement, Dad bought a Vauxhall Wyvern Car. The vehicles which Heather and Max have used since our marriage have been an old blue Holden Ute, followed by a slightly larger Toyota Utility. These vehicles were used on the road, and also for paddock use as required. Next, we had a green Holden Ute formally owned by Heather’s Mother who died in 1975. By the 1980’s with flower sales increasing, we had a need for our first commercial van which was a twin wheeled 1 ton Mazda Van. This was not a very reliable vehicle, and we replaced it with a new 1 ton 1988 Toyota Diesel Van. This gave excellent service, and we used it until 2009 when we replaced it with a Mitsubishi Van which is giving good service now in 2011.