Letter to the editor


Is anyone else sick of seeing this throughout our beautiful neighbourhood? We certainly are, so just for everyone’s information this has since been reported to the council (and will hopefully be removed by the time this newsletter arrives in your letterbox) however, given it’s the second time this same tag has appeared in our area we thought it worth advising everyone just how you can you report any other instances of graffiti that may occur.

For removal of graffiti on council property, you can contact the council’s Graffiti Hotline on 1800 040 225 or visit their website http://onkaparingacity.com/onka/living_here/community/graffiti.jsp or to report graffiti that’s occurred on your personal property you should always, in the first instance, report it to the police on 131 444 as it is a crime.


Whilst we’d hate to think that someone local is responsible for this, we note there was also a recent reference on the Blackwood Buzz Facebook page that this same tag has appeared on property throughout Belair.

It’s so unfortunate to see this kind of vandalism occurring in our area however, hopefully with everyone being aware and vigilant in reporting any similar instances, those responsible will be caught very soon.

Be vigilant: Theft

On a similar topic everyone should continue to be vigilant and observant as recently someone in a Magna Wagon towing a trailer, stole around 20 railway sleepers from the Recreation Ground. Also it would appear that someone may be helping themselves to the mulch pile without asking the committee.