Garden Club

Meetings are held in the Cherry Gardens Uniting Church meeting room, at 7.30pm usually on the 2nd Monday of the month from February to November.

President: Ray Wise: or 0405 273 003
Secretary: Shirley Callaghan: or 0403 801 916


Monday 14th October
Neville Bonney author and bush tucker advocate will be our guest speaker.

Monday 11th November
Kristen Messenger from 'Bugs and Slugs' is an enthusiastic and experienced educator


My first suggestion is to check out the details of the Cherry Gardens Garden Club's 20th birthday dinner which is on the night of Monday 28th October. You are welcome - it is a community event partly sponsored by the City of Onkaparinga as part of Every Generation month. There will be good company, good food and good entertainment by 'Walk Right Back' - details should be elsewhere in this edition.

  • Just about everything in the garden should be growing well this month but as you know a burst of hot days can devastate tender plants, so keep a weather ear on forecasts and protect vulnerable young plants.

  • Petunias, phlox, portulacas, sunflowers, and zinnias all grow well in warm to hot conditions.

  • Vegetables to plant could be beans (bush and climbing), capsicum, pumpkin, cucumber, corn, and of course tomato.

  • Always plant young seedlings into damp well prepared soil for best results. For a continuous harvest of vegetables plant every 3-4 weeks and with all young plants give them a regular liquid feed. Potash enriched fertilizers are great for fruit producing plants as it will promote strong growth, flowering, and fruit set.

  • Check irrigation systems and adjust timers for dryer conditions.

  • Prune flowering Prunus and crab-apples AFTER flowering. Dead-head any natives that have just finished flowering.

  • Thin heavy cropping fruit trees to achieve better sized fruit.

THE LAST MEETING - August 2019

Why would someone attend their garden club AGM on a freezing Adelaide hills night - even though not feeling the greatest? This wasn’t one of the questions for our annual, post AGM, gardening related quiz.

But my answer is…..because it is such a great Garden Club of course!

So much can be learned from our annual gardening related quiz… I now know what a “Ditloid” is. The History, Science, Biology, Nomenclature, Benefits and Glitterati of gardening all featured in some way or another. Great fun!

AGM formalities preceded the quiz and as an indicator of the health of our club the President was nominated for the 11th consecutive time, the other officers were also nominated again, and the committee stood again. No-one else was nominated for any opposing officer positions, and a new member, Jan Ball joined the committee.

The Annual reports of our President, Ray Wise, and Secretary, Shirley Callaghan, recapped the year’s great experiences, speakers, events, trading tables, fund raisers, trips, garden visits and outings, really affirming last year’s AGM decisions, in electing the committee we did. Our efficient treasurer gave a most impressive financial report. “Many hands make light work!” We had fun hearing the plans for our 20th birthday celebration in October. A clipboard was circulated, enlisting volunteers to assist at the opening of the first garden of one of our club members, under the Open Garden Scheme, - also scheduled for this October.

Prizes, generously subsidised by Karkoo Nursery 207 Main Rd Blackwood, rewarded “The Firecracker’s” quiz team members.

What a spread the Supper team set out for us.

Once again unusual plants, fruits, seeds, bulbs or other gardening related items featured among what members had grown, bought, regifted or whatever else for the auction.