Football Club

Our football season is now at the halfway mark and we are about to start the second round of games against the rest of the competition. It is a bit of a mixed bag for the club with some teams doing really well but others struggling. That being said as a football club we are very happy with how we are travelling and proud of all our players, teams and support volunteers.


As of mid-June this is where we are on the ladder for all teams.

  • A Grade Men’s team: 3rd with same win/loss as Nairne Bremer in second place
  • B Grade Men’s team: 1st with same win/loss as Birdwood and Kersbrook but higher %
  • U18 Senior Colts: 4th with Maccy and Kersbrook well ahead of the rest
  • U14 Mini Colts: 4th with Maccy and Nairne Bremer the teams to beat
  • U12’s: 7th and yet to win a game but enjoying their footy
  • Senior Women: 1st and unbeaten so far this season
  • U16 Girls: 4th and they won their first game ever against Mt Barker

Recent fund raiser Quiz night

Recently we had one of our big fund raisers and club entertainment nights with a Quiz night held this year at the Coro Primary School. We had around 200 people attend and as well as a great round of Quiz questions we had a large number of items that had been donated go up for silent auction. We raised $7,000 on the night which we are looking at part funding for goal nets for the northern end of the oval. We still need to raise a further $6,000 to make this a reality.

Our home games are on every second week at the Recreation Ground and we would love to see locals come along and support the club, enjoy some good footy and soak up the family friendly atmosphere that we encourage with all our supporters and players. The seniors play in the afternoons with the B’s starting at 12.50pm and the A’s at 2.30pm. After all home games we put on meals in the clubrooms and the player presentations start at 6pm. All in all an enjoyable way to spend the day.

On Thursday nights we serve meals for the players, families and supporters and locals are always welcome. There is soup, fish and chips, and schnitzels, chicken nuggets for the kids and lasagne or some other specials. On Friday nights the little kids play (the Moddies and U12’s), the boys and men play on Saturdays and the girls and women on Sundays.

The football club has a new website and you can check it out here Our Facebook page can be found here  If you get a chance please check out this page and then “Like” us to follow what’s going on!

Big shout out to our sponsors

Finally a big shout out to all our Sponsors including the Cherry Chatter which means all of you. Without our sponsors we would not be able to operate as a football club and I would recommend that you check out our website to see all our sponsors and if you can use any of their services please click on the links and use them. Support those businesses that support our local teams.