Meadows Vet News


Horse owners often ask us if there is a way to save money on their vet bills. Here are the two most common ways we suggest!

  • float your horse to us rather than the vet going to your horse - this saves quite a bit in travel costs plus a lower consult fee - pic of the grey horse having a pre purchase exam done at our equine facilities
  • club together! Clubbing together means sharing costs especially for dentistry. We often do dental parties where there are six or more horses to do. This can be a significant saving for the owners!

Congratulations to all the latest puppy graduates from K9 Kindy. This course is a must for all owners looking to give their puppy the very best start in life and the opportunity to grow into a well behaved, sociable dog. Donna Hearn runs our classes as she specialises in animal behaviour and training (including cheetahs at the zoo!) It is much easier to teach a puppy the correct behaviour at a young age than it is to correct bad behaviour later in life. Enrolments are now being taken for the next classes. Just give us a ring or check out our web site for more information.


A few reminders!

  • We also have a wireless digital x-ray unit for taking equine x-rays on properties
  • Wednesdays are worm count days at the centre. Horse owners can save money & prevent resistance problems by getting worm counts done to target worm problems. Ask us for more information.
  • Puppy Preschool is accepting enrolments for the next course. There is no better way to start your dog off on the right paw!
  • A reminder to clients who don’t have pet insurance that if you would like 12 month payment plan on a large vet bill, we now offer Vet Pay! Any payment plan must however be organised prior to work being done! We will soon be adding another alternative to make payment easier - stay tuned!
  • If you have a horse on sandy soil please remember to feed psyllium husks to help prevent sand colic. We only sell the highest grade husks which are the most effective! We have been seeing way too many colics lately due to the very dry conditions!
  • Please phone ahead for repeat prescriptions of medications (preferably the day before they are needed!) as this allows us to gain authorisation from the treating vet and can have them dispensed by the time you arrive!