Garden Club March 2018

George’s Gardening Suggestions for March

  • Cut back Hydrangeas, Pelargoniums and Helebores, fertilize for strong growth next season.
  • For the small long flowering Crepe Myrtles you can cut dead flowers to encourage longer flowering.
  • Divide strappy plants such as Lomandras, Dianellas, and Kangaroo Paws, remove dead leaves, cut off the top half and replant into moist soil.
  • Bulbs can be planted from now on, start with plantings of Bluebells, Dutch Iris, Daffodils, Jonquils, and Freesias.
  • Small natives grown for flowers such as Eremophilas, Grevilleas, and Callistemons can be cut back by 50% to encourage new strong growth and bountiful spring flowers.
  • Apply fertilizer to your Citrus trees now.
  • Prune winter flowering roses such as Lorraine Lee Remove runners from Strawberry plants.
  • Begin planting Brassicas into warm moist soil - Broccoli, Cabbage, Kale.
  • Garlic too can go in now.
  • Plant parsley this month

Next Meeting

Monday 19th March - Guest Speaker is Assoc. Professor David Paton - the effects of wildlife on woodland re-generation.

Our Club will hold a PLANT STALL at the Cherry Gardens Memorial Hall on Polling Day Sat. 17th March - be sure to have a look at what is on offer at very reasonable prices, and have a talk to some of our members.