Who let the dogs out?

I love the fact that we have a few facilities that we can enjoy in our rural Cherry Gardens. The Memorial Hall, the Cherry Church, the Recreation Ground complete with a playground for the kids, and tennis courts for a quick hit on a Sunday afternoon.


The oval is a great place to take your dog for a walk too

but unfortunately, I have noticed that many people are still not cleaning up after their dogs.

There are dog poop bags supplied near the entrance gates, just near the oval fence, and I couldn’t believe that there was a huge poop within 2 metres of the bags.

What are people thinking? I counted no less than 5 poops scattered around the edges of the oval, inside the fence. You might think I have nothing better to do than count dog poo, but what else is there to do while walking your dog around the internal oval perimeter? I did think it would make a fitting editorial to write for the Cherry Chatter though!

I have written an editorial about this before the bags were supplied, but it seems that some people still haven’t got the message.

I wonder how you would feel if your child fell face first into something that you didn’t clean up because you were too lazy? Apparently this did happen recently at a primary school oval. Would you believe the parent of the child blamed the groundskeeper, rather than the canine perpetrator’s owner for the messy outcome?

I’d like to point out that we do have choices about whether we clean up after our dogs. My choice is YES. What is yours? I hope (whoever you are) you read this and make better choices about keeping our oval clean for future users.

A special note for a local pony rider: 

You have been spotted riding on the oval. The oval is not intended for pony riding. There is plenty of room around the perimeter roadway to ride in safety without destroying the grass on the oval. Also, it is NOT OK to let your pony poop on the tennis court/netball seating area, and leaving a mess for others to clean up!!