Max Ricks Recollections - A reflection of olden times

The Cherry Gardens Public Primary School served the district for several generations. The School room, with the teacher's residence adjoining, was situated at the bottom of Orchard Road, on the southern side of the district. The seven grades of the School Curriculum were taught in the one large room by the resident teacher, with the occasional help of junior teachers in the early years. The school closed in 1972, and the buildings are now occupied by another local family.

Cherry Gardens also had a post office over a long period of time, with its location changing to the residence of the present post master or mistress as the time moved on. The last post office was situated at the Jones’ family homestead on the main road, at the Cherry Gardens pine hedge sign. The present postal delivery service came into operation at this stage.

For many years in the early half of the last century, we had a butcher, and a baker delivery service. H.L. Frisby & Sons was the butcher and Paddick’s Bakery latterly Richards, who delivered bread twice weekly. Both of these services came from Clarendon.

There was a feeder bus service which connected with Robertson’s Bus Service which ran between Adelaide and Meadows. Local drivers would make 2 trips in the a.m. and 2 in the late afternoon to deliver and return workers and students, meeting the buses at the top of the hill from Coromandel Valley to Clarendon Road.

Over the years several small shops were in the district, from sweet stalls at the post offices to a little general stall. The last of these closed down about 1970. There was also a milk and paper delivery which ended about 10 years ago with the passing of Eddie Jacobs.

But the most durable of all has been the Methodist Church (now Uniting) which was established in the 1840, and is still serving the district today.

The most recent lost to the district was the public telephone box which was removed at the beginning of August 2010.