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Last month we reported on an early wedding and a baptism. Much information was lost after a circuit minister at Blackwood insisted on centralising records at Blackwood only to have them destroyed by fire in the 1930s. Following erection of the chapel, Henry Field’s paddock that surrounded the chapel was called Chapel Paddock. Ownership of the land on which the church is built was transferred from Governor George Gawler to Anthony Smith on 16 July 1840, from Anthony Smith to Edward Burgess in April 1841 and from Edward Burgess to Henry Field on 13 July 1848. Henry Field transferred the church block to the trustees on 30 September 1848. They were, Jeremiah Morphett, Edward Burgess, Richard Morphett, Henry Field, Joseph Middleton, Isaac Jacobs, Thomas Boothey, William Collins and John Charles Thrum. Some of these men were later to be trustees of the Clarendon Methodist Church as well.

Eliza Lewis and John Broadbent were married on 26 November 1850. Other earlier weddings were Harriet Gardner and Philip Lemaistre on 2 May 1862 by the Reverend Nathaniel Bennett and Mary Ann Lewis (sister of Caleb) and John Bails on the 27th June 1862. Numbers of visiting preachers travelled by the power of their own two feet, as did Mr Illman who was known to walk from Unley to Cherry Gardens to conduct worship on a Sunday morning and then to stop off and preach at the Coromandel Methodist Church later in the day. Preachers on an 1847 quarterly preaching plan were, Revd. Draper, C Dalwood, Cole, W Dalwood, Revd. James Haslam, Morphett, (John) Hart, MacDougall, (Henry) Goss, W Richards, Virgo and Rowe. In 1865, the Rev. J Allen was Superintendent Minister of Clarendon Circuit which included Cherry Gardens.

Figure 2 Mary Ann (nee Lewis) and John Bails

Figure 2 Mary Ann (nee Lewis) and John Bails

Figure 3 William Jacobs and Mary Ann Mildwaters wed 1864

Figure 3 William Jacobs and Mary Ann Mildwaters wed 1864

The following was reported in The South Australian Register on Friday 30 March 1866.

“The 17th anniversary of Cherry Gardens Wesleyan Chapel was celebrated on Sunday and Mon-day, the 25th and 26th instant. On Sunday two excellent sermons were preached by the Rev. Mr. Daniels, Baptist minister, Clarendon, to congregations who seemed highly delighted and edified by the rev. gentleman's style and impressive manner. On Monday afternoon a tea meeting was held, but thinly attended, no doubt on account of the rain in the morning, and the threatening aspect of the clouds the whole of the day. In the evening a public meeting was held, presided over by Mr. Isaac Jacobs. The financial report was read by the Rev. Mr. Allen, minister of the circuit, and showed a small debt remaining on the chapel, incurred through some necessary repairs. Addresses were delivered by Rev. Mr. Allen, and Messrs. John and E. Broadbent, upon various topics, but all leading to the same end, viz., the present and future happiness of all. A hearty vote of thanks was accorded to the Rev. Mr. Daniels for his Sunday services; to the ladies of the congregation who provided such an excellent tea, the only grumbling heard was that there was not enough people to partake of the good things provided; also to the Chairman for his important services. The proceeds of the whole, including Sunday collections and a small balance which was on hand, amounted to upwards of £22 10s, which wiped off the debt, and left a few shillings in the hands of the treasurer.”

From the Adelaide Observer, Saturday 18 December 1858. CHERRY GARDENS SUNDAY-SCHOOL ANNIVERSARY.

A correspondent has forwarded the following notice:-

On Sunday last two sermons were preached at Cherry Gardens by the Rev. Matthew Wilson, and many of the Sabbath-school scholars recited some most interesting pieces of poetry. On the Monday afternoon the children were regaled with tea and cake, after which there was a public tea, and a public meeting in the evening, when many could not get into the chapel. The chair was occupied by Mr. T. Young, MP and addresses, bearing mostly on the advantages of education, were delivered by Messrs. Thorpe, J. Broadbent, Cumming, Turner, and the Rev. M. Wilson. The total and net proceeds were £41 12s. 3d. The small expenses of the Sabbath school being defrayed, the surplus was most generously accorded to the day-school in that locality, by which the whole of the remaining debt was paid off. A vote of thanks having been given to the ladies for the sumptuous tea provided, and also to the Chairman, the doxology sung, and the benediction pronounced, the meeting closed about half-past 9, and all appeared pleased and profited.

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