Minton Farm


Hillbillys Café at Blackwood is asking for food for the animals to be placed into their wheelbarrow under the Christmas tree outside the shop to assist rescued animals at Minton Farm this Christmas.

Please consider adding some budgie seed, sunflower seed, rolled oats, weetbix, both tinned and dry dog food, sweet biscuits, washing liquid, detergent, baby wipes, and pureed baby fruits. These will assist the possums, kangaroos, wombats, bettongs, emus, kookaburras, magpies, and more!

The Centre has been at its busiest in 26 years having received over 80 possums during September, October, and November. There have been 10 barn owls, several Boobook owls and many tawny Frogmouths both adult and juvenile needing assistance.



Minton Farm has operated as a free community service for 26 years. Having rescued over 11,000 injured and orphaned native animals and birds. From wombats, kangaroos and koalas to kookaburras, owls and eagles. The Centre relies on donations, volunteers and community goodwill.

It is with great joy that we can announce $25,000 funding received from Fund My Neighbourhood.

It is humbling to see the support the community has for our work. We are deeply grateful to the community members that voted for the flight. We will be going ahead with the circular flight for the raptors next year! Thank you.