Friends of Scott Creek Conservation Park


When I am out in Scott Creek Conservation Park, I find myself constantly amazed and captivated by the natural world around me. 

It might be a beautiful but delicate orchid in flower, a towering eucalypt or the tiny red-flowered sundew that consumes insects but is no more than two centimetres tall; or it might be one of our many delightful native bees, one of those aggressive inch ants or a skink darting about in the leaf litter.


Square-tailed Kite, perhaps one of only ten in South Australia

Recently a few members of our group have been lucky enough to get some good looks at our ‘local’ Square-tailed Kite.

According to the Natural Resources Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges website, ‘Square-tailed Kites are considered Endangered in South Australia due to their low abundance – perhaps fewer than 10 birds in the whole state – so we’re very lucky to have them here! Natural Resources Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges is running a research project to learn more about this incredibly rare visitor.

To avoid potential disruptions to nesting and breeding, locations of nests are not publicly revealed, but it is known that there has been at least one Square-tailed Kite sighted in our area periodically over the past few years. 

One of our group has seen it flying overhead from home several times over a couple of years, while another was lucky enough to get an extended look at it in Scott Creek in September. I and several other volunteers got our own show put on in November, as the kite circled overhead just above the tree canopy at our working bee in Kangaroo Gully.

I suppose I am equally amazed that more people do not see what I see when I am in nature, but I suppose that is our own diverse nature. Rather than trying to work out what I can get out of nature and what it can do for me, I am content to simply be in awe. Perhaps give it a try in 2018.

Peter Watton


Anyone wanting information about the group or park, or wanting to get involved in any of the Friends’ activities, can contact our secretary Don Reid on 8388 2123  or go to During summer, all working bees meet at the earlier time of 8:30am at Gate 16 Almanda Car Park Dorset Vale Road (unless there is a MLR fire ban or very wet weather).

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