Over the stable door

Greetings Fellow Equines and Horse Owners!


Yay, some rain at last. Hopefully there will be some more to follow. For some of you, feed will have been running low and becoming more expensive. Without the follow up rains, farmers will not be able to get their crops growing and that will impact on us further down the line this year. So, if you have a good source of feed/or supplier, plan ahead to help make sure you won’t be struggling in the months to come.

Last month I had some sad news but couldn’t bring myself to pass it on. Two of my paddock mates of over 18 years were put down. After much consultation with our vet, the sad decision was made. One was in his 30th year. He was a grey and in his last months had many melanomas which had suddenly accelerated in their growth. There was a very real risk of colic for him. He also had cushings and was struggling to hold condition. The other old fellow had narcolepsy and kept falling over. For a large horse, he also was running the risk of injuring himself, which had already happened. I really missed them for several days and called out, but to no avail. In that same week my owners were helping someone out who had too many horses and offered to take one on for a short time. Well of course, it didn’t take long for the new fellow to settle in and he is now a permanent member of our herd (4).

In hindsight, my owners feel that the right decision was made at the time regarding the ‘old boys’. It is never easy, but at least we know that any unnecessary pain has been avoided. They are still missed and will be for some time. They will always have that special place in our hearts. Nothing can surpass that bond between human and animal (not always horse either!). They give us so much enjoyment which sometimes we all tend to take for granted. So do look after your equines, be conscious of their welfare, be it feed, comfort, company and enrichment. They cannot speak up, but as horse owners, pay attention to any changes, however small. It may be in their behaviour, their condition, their habits, any physical changes at all, there is always a reason. Even keeping a diary is useful. Keeping up regular maintenance on feet (trimming or shoeing), teeth and physio or chiro, regular exercise and checking/maintaining gear. These things will help to keep your trusty equines in very good shape.

Speaking of which I have even got down to 470kg of late. My owners are very pleased with me as it is so much better for my overall health.

Enjoy the winter rains and safe riding!