Meadows Vet News

With the very wet weather we are seeing a sharp rise in the incidence of hoof abscesses in both cows & horses. Infection in the foot is by far the most common cause of acute (sudden), single-leg lameness. Infection results in painful inflammation and pus (abscess) formation. The hoof is a relatively rigid structure and abscess increases pressure within the sensitive structures, which, like an infection or bruise under a human fingernail, is very painful! Some clients think that their horse has actually broken its leg as the onset can be so sudden & very painful. Early vet attention will prevent some of the secondary complications from occurring!

Make sure you keep up flea treatments during the colder months! This is when you can lay the foundation to stop a flea explosion in Spring.

Monthly Reminders!

  • Horse owners please ensure your horses teeth are checked regularly. One of the most common causes of colic we see through winter is caused by dehydration. This is often a result of reluctance to drink very cold water caused by dental problems!

  • With pet insurance we get to deal with a number of companies and are more than happy to let you know which companies seem very good to deal with if a claim has to be made!

  • With the wet weather snails & millipedes are a nuisance in the garden store any baits well away from your pets!