Dog Poop Emergency!

xxDog Poop Sign.jpg

Do you exercise your dog at the Recreation Ground Oval?
Do you just let your dog run around off the lead?
Do you take notice if and when they do a poop on or around the oval?


It has become such a big problem that owners are not picking up their dog poop at the oval now that there is talk of banning dogs altogether from the oval. Kids and adults are using the oval pretty well every day for either training or games and before anyone can use the oval or even walk around the oval someone has to walk around and pick up all the dog poop.

Is this fair and reasonable? We don’t think so!

Why should you pick up your dogs’ poop? Well in the first place it is being respectful for all the other users of the oval including all the owners who do the right thing. Secondly it is bad for the environment. Dog poop is classified as toxic waste and is in the same category as chemicals and oils spills. Dog waste contains pathogens and nutrients that cause growth of weeds and algae.

And dog poop poses a health threat to people and other pets. It contains parasites and germs that can be harmful such as roundworms and hookworms that can live in the soil for a long time and can be easily transmitted. Even E-coli can be transmitted and if your dog is a carrier for parvo or coronavirus then you can infect puppies or young dogs who may not have good protection yet from their vaccinations.

If you think that dog poop is a natural fertilizer, then you are misguided. Dog poop is not good for the soil and because dogs are omnivores and their diet are high in protein their faeces is so high in nitrogen and phosphorus it can burn grass if not picked up. Dog poop can take up to 1 year to decompose and even then, the bacteria and parasites can remain in the soil.


And finally, if you have ever trodden in dog poop then you know how hard it is to get out of the treads of your shoes and imagine what it would be like for the kids and players to fall over on your dog’s poop. We are sure you would not like it!

So be considerate of others and always monitor your dogs and if they do a poop then pick it up and put it in the bin! There are always disposable dog poop bags available at the oval so do the right thing.

If there are any dog owners who see other owners not doing the right thing then say something to them or get their car rego number, the type of dog and the name of the dog if you hear it and let one of the recreation ground people know about, even if you do it anonymously by writing a note and putting it in the clubrooms.

We want the recreation ground to be a community asset that everyone can use so don’t spoil it for others and do the right thing by picking up your dog’s poop.