Home Deliveries

Don't know where to go with this or how far to pursue it. As home deliveries are becoming more prevalent in our modern life, I'm finding that our postcode of 5157 is an issue. It covers way too large an area creating issues for Postal & Courier Deliveries. I have contacted local council & Australia Post & neither of them wants to deal with it or can even put me in contact with anyone that can.

It would be a major disruption & a big change for many to change the post code but it wouldn't be impossible when you look at our postal area, I think this overhaul should have been carried out many years ago. Just putting it out there to see what anyone's thoughts are of this and whether it’s worth pursuing a change.

Peter Frith.

  • Ashbourne

  • Bull Creek

  • Cherry Gardens

  • Clarendon

  • Coromandel East

  • Dorset Vale

  • Kangarilla

  • Mcharg Creek