Friends of Scott Creek Conservation Park


It was great to finally get some steady rain early in May, let’s hope we return to something more like average or above average rainfall for the rest of the year, so that our bushland (and farmers and home gardens) can recover from the dry start to the year. The good news is that our native vegetation is very resilient and, while it will certainly be impacted by long-term climate change, it will generally recover well from summer droughts.

Are you interested in nature? Native plants? Wildlife? Looking for a break from the hustle and bustle? Want to give something back to the community or Mother Nature? We welcome anyone who wants to come along and see what we do along to any of our activities.

Anyone wanting information about the Friends of Scott Creek CP, or wanting to get involved in any of the Friends’ activities, can contact us on or visit our very informative website You can also now follow us on our Facebook page where you can find up to date information about our activities, including photos of our flora and fauna.

All working bees meet at 9am at the Almanda Car Park on Dorset Vale Road (unless there is a MLR fire ban or very wet weather). To attend bird banding, contact the coordinator Don Reid on 83882123.

Programme of activities


Tue 4 Working bee
Sun 9 Working bee
Tue 11 General meeting
Sat, Sun 15, 16 Bird banding
Sat 22 Working bee
Tue 25 Social lunch

Manna Gum ( Eucalyptus viminalis ) in Scott Creek.

Manna Gum (Eucalyptus viminalis) in Scott Creek.

Parson’s Bands ( Eriochilus collinus ), one of the early flowering orchids in the park.

Parson’s Bands (Eriochilus collinus), one of the early flowering orchids in the park.