Councillor Update - Geoff Eaton

Green Waste

Fortnightly green waste collection …. but at what cost? You may have heard some talk about a proposed fortnightly green bin collection for Onkaparinga, rather than the current monthly collection. There is a strong push for the second collection by some Onkaparinga residents, however, it will come at a cost to all of us, likely through a rate increase.

An alternative user-pay system has been suggested where those residents who require a second monthly collection simply buy a second bin. If you have an opinion about it, it is important that you contact our ward councillors to let them know; they can only go into bat for us based on the communication they receive.

Our local councillors would like to hear from us. A simple email sent to either Geoff Eaton or Marion Themeliotis indicating your preference as to either a fortnightly collection (with a likely rate increase) or purchasing an additional bin for those who want the additional collection.

You can provide your opinion by emailing: or

Geoff Eaton, Councillor
Thalassa Ward, City of Onkaparinga
Mobile: 0416 637 351