Minton Farm


Things have quietened considerably on the rescue front!

We received a purple swamp hen from the RSPCA which was housed unfavourably after being rescued months ago. We stabilized her in the hospital then placed her in the 30’ long flight to chill out. She was eating well and could run well, when caught her at it, otherwise she hid in terror of captivity behind logs! We took her to a pristine wetland environment a week later and out from the pet pack she shot. Once there she calmed immediately and paddled in the shallows happily.


We have received a number of barn owls recently, some still strengthening their wings. One was flushed from trees at Noarlunga by magpies, and flew from the road into a gym window. The people inside heard the impact and collected it up, and took it to Greencross Vet. They x-rayed her and there was no damage done. They brought her here, and we kept her in the dark and quiet for a couple of days whilst she devoured copious amounts of mice that we buy in by lots of $300 regularly. Once placed into a shade cloth lined flight to protect her feathers, she flew immediately to the highest perch. At the end of the week she was returned to her home territory to return to fulfil her role in biodiversity. Mission accomplished!

Cheers, Bev Langley