The Cherry Chatter has a new website!

Fear not, the website is not meant to replace our printed newsletter. We know that most of you enjoy reading the Cherry Chatter in its original form and we are proud of the fact that, for more than 25 years, our publication has been kept alive, thanks to the Cherry Gardens community spirit.

But then we thought, why not share it with the wider community and make it more accessible?

People outside of the district, including your family or friends interstate and overseas, might like to read about our local news and events. The newsletter is still available in PDF form, but you can now easily read it online, either by edition or by category. It is mobile and tablet friendly and you can share the articles on social media.

We have set up an events calendar for what is happening in Cherry Gardens so if there is anything you would like to share, please email us with the info for us to publish on the website. There is also plenty of useful information about living in Cherry Gardens, which is great for new residents and those interested in our beautiful community.

Take a moment to explore www.cherrychatter.org.au
We hope you find the new website helpful, and we’d love your feedback and suggestions.