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It is very clear to me how much the seasons and the weather affect the activity and the behaviour of our wildlife. I remember dear Clem Pope would always garden by the phases of the moon to get the best germinations and growth rates of his vegetables. It wasn’t until recently that I experienced how much the phases of the moon also affect our wildlife. 


Within the space of two days we were contacted about the welfare of 7 possums, two Tawny Frogmouths, a Boobook owl and a Barn Owl! It had apparently been a full moon and the wildlife were responding to it! Most of the birds had been hit by cars or collided with objects in their flurry to feed on insects by moonlight. The Barn Owl had injured the wing joint, which we strapped to immobilise it, and offered a defrosted mouse. The bird was ravenous from being unable to feed, hampered by the injured wing. Each day the bird devoured as much as she was given and was kept confined to enable the wing to heal. After a week she removed the outer micropore tape, indicating that she was feeling better and a bit over being confined. She was then placed into a shadecloth lined flight cage to give her a bit of stimulation and movement without injuring the wing. We will remove the strapping shortly and hopefully she can go back to her family again. The round raptor facility is in the final planning stage now. Our engineer has completed a site inspection and has many practical ideas for the construction phase. 

Our local resident wedge tail eagles regularly visit our eagles and provide the most spectacular flight displays within feet of us, causing us to stop in our tracks at wonder of these magnificent birds. The pair were recently seen with a newly fledged progeny, teaching it to soar. What a place we all live in! The Boobooks have been calling and the tree creepers, wrens and finches have all exploded into activity since the recent rains. Such a joy to see isn’t it?

Cheers, Bev.

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