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Introducing Tori

The congregation at Cherry Church would like you to meet the newest member in our midst: her name is Tori, and she is Ralph Steven’s guide dog.

Ralph has been waiting a long time for this momentous event. He and Tori have just completed three weeks of rigorous training, and have proudly graduated, which means Tori now has an official harness and not just a lead.

Tori is a five year old black Labrador, one of a litter of five. She has always been a confident working dog, often being used to help other dogs in their training. She loves the water and being at the beach, and enjoys lying in the sun.

Tori has quickly found her “special spot” at church, lying on the floor in front of Ralph.

We have been “educated” about how we are allowed to approach her, keeping in mind that she is a working dog. When the harness comes off, that is our cue to talk to Tori and give her a pat, which she loves.

We give praise and thanks to God for the blessings and opportunities that Ralph and Tori will share together.

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