Letters to the Editor

Cherry Gardens locals be aware that someone is stealing parcels from our roadside mailboxes.

My son's very expensive text books were delivered to our mailbox recently, although I'm not sure why Australia Post didn't leave a notice to collect them from the Post Office where they would have been safer. My neighbour noted the package was in my mailbox on the Tuesday. By the Wednesday morning it was gone. I imagine someone stole it, opened it and then threw the books away, as they would be of no value to them I'm sure. I'm now using Australia Post Parcel Collect, where packages go direct to the post office.

If anyone reading this found two anatomy and physiology text books on the side of the road, please call 0417820914.

Tom Roberts Horse Trail on Weymouth Road

As many locals will be aware, part of the Tom Roberts Horse Trail goes along Weymouth Road. Unfortunately it has not been usable for some years as it’s been overgrown with blackberries. The good news is that, due to a great deal of clearing by Onkaparinga Council, it is now possible to get through again. In addition, the horse step overs, which many riders considered too dangerous to use, have been fixed and are now much more user friendly.

For those, who have never explored this trail it is a very scenic area and a great spot to get away from the traffic. It’s definitely not just for horses. Walkers would also enjoy it although, be warned, the hills provide quite a challenge if you only have two legs.

Many thanks to whoever in Council is responsible for making a valuable community resource available again.