Clean Up Australia Day

Cherry Gardens Clean Up Australia Day Event Success!

Sunday 4th March 2018 was Clean Up Australia Day, and the crew from Jacobs Rd did a fantastic job! Jacobs Rd was registered formally as a Clean Up Australia Day site, and residents were seen collecting all sorts of rubbish from the intersection of Jacobs Rd and Cherry Gardens Rd, all the way down to the end of Jacobs Rd. Adults and children were involved, as well as local puppy and personality, “Honey the Kelpidor”. Everyone was decked out in a mix of Hi-Vis jackets, and bright yellow or pink gloves, and were using special bags provided by the Clean Up Australia Day organisers.


In total, 277 pieces of rubbish were collected, with 11 pieces being recyclable. Some of the rubbish collected included: beer bottles and cans, plastic drink bottles, single-use plastic bags, chip and lolly wrappers, and pizza boxes.

One of the Jacobs Rd crew, Eden, said that it “was so much fun, and I want to do it again next year!” Another crew member, Ruby, said “it was great fun cleaning up with a friend”.

Bonnie and Shane, who organised the clean up of Jacobs Rd, would like to encourage all of Cherry Gardens to share the responsibility for cleaning up the rubbish that is strewn over Cherry Gardens Rd.

I know people don’t like to pick up other people’s rubbish, and they really shouldn’t have to, but there isn’t a ‘rubbish fairy’ and no-one else is going to do it. If we want Cherry Gardens Rd to be litter-free, then we just have to go out and pick it up. If every household in Cherry Gardens picked up 10 pieces of rubbish from the main road, it would all be gone,
— Bonnie

If you agree with Bonnie and Shane, and would like to see our main road clear of rubbish (and there is rather a lot of it out there), then perhaps consider setting aside five minutes’ of your time in the next couple of days, and collecting some of the rubbish?