Garden Club January 2018

At this hot time of the year it is wise to get out into the garden early in the morning to pick produce and water.

  • Always water the soil, not the foliage as this will help prevent disease.
  • Shade delicate plants with an old umbrella, old sheet or shade-cloth during the middle of the day.
  • Keep up the mulch as this breaks down quickly with heat and moisture.
  • Check that your watering system is working correctly and if you are going away, have a neighbour or friend check your garden every couple of days particularly if it is very hot.
  • Sow seeds of beans, cucumbers and parsnip (always use fresh parsnip seed).
  • Seedlings can be planted out on a cooler day if you can manage, but always plant into moist soil.
  • A second crop of sweet corn, tomatoes or zucchini will reward you.
  • Aster, celosia, dahlia, phlox, portulaca all provide colour for the summer.
  • Prune fruit trees immediately after fruiting.
  • Dead head any roses that have flowered and give them a feed.

Next Meetings

Monday 12th February
Speaker to be advised

Monday 19th March
Associate Professor David Paton from University of Adelaide will speak on woodland recovery and the dangers of wildlife on the environment.