To the Editor

Thank you for the opportunity of being able to introduce myself to the Cherry Chatter committee recently as part of my campaign seeking election as a councillor for the Thalassa ward of the City of Onkaparinga.

The comments of a number of those present regarding the isolation felt by local residents with regards to their relationship with the City of Onkaparinga are the same that I am continually hearing from residents throughout the northern suburbs of Council’s area. If I am successful in my bid to be elected I wish to become a strong voice representing these communities on Council.

The election period is upon us. Postal voting material will be posted out on 22 October and having to be returned by 9 November. You will receive with your voting material a profile of each candidate. I urge all people eligible to vote to do so, so that you have the best people representing you. There are four candidates for this ward for two councillor positions, two of who are current councillors. This was recently reduced from four councillors. This is my first venture in seeking to be elected for Council.

Over the past two years there has been considerable media comment regarding the City of Onkaparinga and I felt rather than complaining about it I would seek election and be part of the change process to ensure that the right cultural and administrative changes are made to ensure community needs and expectations are met at an affordable cost by using my extensive public administration and governance experience.

I have lived in what is now the City of Onkaparinga for some 44 years, with my wife Sue raising our family and now having a similar commitment with our two grandsons assisting their parents. I am not associated with any social, sporting or religious groups but am affiliated with Onkaparinga Reform Group, which has been instrumental in raising a number of governance issues relating to our Council.

I held senior management positions in the South Australia Government and after 39 years of service undertook a five-year contract with the Australian Government involving aviation security. At the end of that appointment I had a period of retirement but had an ongoing desire to return to work to continue to serve the South Australian community. For an 18 months period I managed the Hazards Management Unit within the former Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, followed by a 12-month period of facilitating a safe community task force implemented by the Mayor of the Rural City of Murray Bridge. I then undertook a further contract with the City of Port Adelaide Enfield to develop a community emergency management plan. All these roles required considerable community engagement.

I have a Masters Degree in Public Policy and Administration, a Graduate Diploma in Executive Leadership, with my undergraduate studies being in business management. I have a solid understanding of financial governance in the public sector.

If elected I will commit the next four years in applying my leadership, finance and public administration credentials in a genuine effort to represent all the stakeholders in the Thalassa ward.

Authorised by Geoff Eaton 10 Hilderstone Court, Flagstaff Hill, phone 0416 637 351, email