SA History Festival 2019

The SA History Festival started in 2004 with the History Trust (now History SA) wanting to give SA people an opportunity to participate in a festival of sorts around the history of our State. The event has grown significantly from 2004 when 97 organisations participated in the first History Week.

As the History Week grew in popularity it became difficult to fit in all the activities in just one week so in 2011 we saw the first SA History Festival which ran over the month of May instead of just the one week.

The festival has continued to grow and in 2018 started on the last couple of days in April till the end of May. There was a 56 page program of all the events that took place, and the events were held across the whole state.

Cherry Gardens participated in a couple of the earlier History Weeks with a display of some past history at the Hall one year, and a bus tour through the district in another year.

Would you like to participate in the 2019 SA History Festival?

So I guess the question is whether any local residents would like to participate in something for the 2019 SA History Festival.

If you are interested then please contact the Cherry Chatter group at and if there is enough interest we can get together to organise a local event as part of the program.

Hope to hear from you soon!