Local Council Elections

Editor’s Note

This year we all have the opportunity to vote in the local council elections. Voting in voluntary and our local council is ONKAPARINGA COUNCIL. Here in Cherry Gardens we are at the very fringe of the Onkaparinga Council and we are competing for services with the huge populations extending from Happy Valley through Reynella, Morphett Vale, Hackham, Noarlunga – you get the picture. It is in our best interests for all of us to have the best representation both in a local Council Member and the Mayor. Please take the time to check out who is standing for our Ward and as the Mayor and make sure they are will represent the Rural areas such as we live in.

The following article is from the Local Government Association

Consider for a moment how everyday life is improved by the many services that councils provide. Imagine our community without rubbish collection, access to local libraries, playgrounds and support for our sports club facilities, the CFS, the Community hall; and the list goes on.

Unlike State and Federal elections, it is not compulsory to vote in South Australian council elections. However, council elections are the biggest single voluntary civic participation activity in the state with nearly 360,000 people voting in the 2014 council elections.

Another important difference from State and Federal elections is that all voting in council elections is done by post. Enrolled voters receive a voting package through the mail and return their votes in a reply paid envelope.

If you are on the state (House of Assembly) electoral roll or have completed a enrolment to join the supplementary roll, you will receive a voting pack in the mail in late October 2018.

The ballot paper in your voting pack will show the candidates standing for election in your council ward. To find out more about each of the candidates and what they stand for go to www.lga.sa.gov.au/councilelections, then complete your ballot paper and return it in the reply paid envelope.

Votes must be received before 5pm Friday 9 November 2018.

Get involved and make a difference

Local democracy is an important feature of life in Australia, and councils have a far greater influence on communities than most people appreciate. Make a difference by participating in your council election.

For more information contact Council Administration Office or visit www.lga.sa.gov.au/councilelections