CFS News

Over the last few months we have been busy with burn off related fire calls plus we have seen a concerning increase in the number of motor vehicle accidents. Leaving the suburbs, our area is the transitioning point to country driving and the different challenges that brings. It appears excess speed and not maintaining awareness are the main factors in many of the incidents we attend. Please take a moment to talk to those close to you – we want everyone to return home safely, avoiding potential injury and the distressing experience of a motor vehicle accident.

CFS appliance


The Brigade numbers are healthy as we move through this fire season, recruiting this year has seen a number of new people take up the challenge of serving with the CFS and all the personal benefits that brings. We have a great group of volunteers from all walks of life and our combined skills are impressive! That said, we always look to the future so if anyone is interested in joining (either as a firefighter or radio/comms operators) come up and see us on a Monday night.


For us to be able to assist, particularly in the fire season, we need good access to properties. A CFS appliance needs a clearance of 3.5m in width and height and a wide turning circle – particularly at a property entrance. Any bridges and underground drainage pipes also must be rated at 15 tonne. If we cannot access an area or driveway, we will not be able to assist – there may be options of clearing a path ourselves or laying hose lays but in an extreme situation, we will move on. Further information on this and a whole range of bushfire safety information can be found on the CFS website


We will be soon in the lead up to Christmas and all that brings. We suspect Father Christmas will once again appear at the station and getting the red tractor in order for this is high on our list of things to do. In the meantime, we will continue to train hard so as to be ready to assist whenever needed – remember a 000 call is all that is required for us to be responded in an emergency.