Vale Max Ricks


Max Ricks was born in 1931 in the very house where he lived for his entire life and on the 13th of September 2018 he passed away suddenly in that house after spending the morning down in the gardens. Those of you that attend the ANZAC Day service will remember Max as the man who raised the flag during the service each year and those that attended the Spotlight on the History of the district sessions at the Hall I am sure will remember with fondness the recollections he shared of his early years in Cherry Gardens.

On behalf of residents of Cherry Gardens and the district we extend our sincere sympathy and best wishes to Heather, Bob, David and their families.

Max was a man we all loved and he will never be forgotten.

Volunteer Recognition – Max Ricks

Less than one month earlier Max, along with his family attended a Volunteer Recognition ceremony at Government House. His family sent through the following letter and a few photos.


Please find a couple of photos from Dad’s recent trip to Government House on Friday 17 August. It was a morning tea hosted by the Governor to recognise volunteers to the Bureau of Meteorology.

Dad was recognised as he has been reading the official Cherry Gardens rainfall (daily) for the Bureau for 65 years (beginning October 1953).

The Ricks family will have read it for 100 years in four years’ time - my Grandfather read it before Dad.

Dad had a wonderful time and was presented with a framed copy of his very first report and the most recent written report (that wasn’t digital). He was also presented with a lovely barometer with an inscription on it.

I thought this may be of interest for the Chatter to include in the next edition. I’ve enclosed some photos of the day. Attending the ceremony was mum (Heather), me (Bob), Sarah and Dad.

Bob Ricks